Why Black And White Thinking Harms Your Perspective

Black and white thinking (also known as “all-or-nothing thinking”) describes the tendency to think in extremes. Good or bad. Pretty or ugly. Success or failure. But this way of thinking often leads to mental and emotional problems. Thinking in black and white is the tendency to look at things in extremes. Someone is fat or thin. We are failures or winners. A person …

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Self-Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (BD) is one of the most important and debilitating mental health conditions. Typically, individuals with BD alternate between periods of depression and mood elevation, also known as manic episodes. During the depressive phase they experience different degrees of sadness, loss of pleasure, decreased energy, appetite changes, and even at times thoughts of death and suicide, while the opposite happens during …

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Are Mental Disorders Evolved Cognitive Styles?

A recent paper in the journal Evolutionary Human Sciences collects evidence that mental disorders as diverse as ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism, and schizophrenia can actually aid group survival in traditional societies. Mental Illness and Group Survival Think about termites in a colony. They look and behave quite differently (think fighters versus breeders), but their differences make the colony thrive. In many …

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The Karpman Drama Triangle

“The Victim is not really as helpless as they feel. The Rescuer doesn’t really help, and the Persecutor doesn’t really have a valid claim.”~Claude Steiner In 1968, the transactional psychologist Stephen Karpman published an article describing a model of human relationships later called the Karpman Triangle. It includes three roles: The Persecutor The victim The Rescuer …

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