All the goal apps we tried had one or more fatal flaws. Some provide zero direction while others push you towards their desired path. Most apps harass you with deadlines and metrics, which we think is counterproductive for self-improvement. BetterSelf is an elegant solution that provides a balance of guidance with autonomy, and a mix of support without pressure.
We restrict custom goals and plans for two reasons. First, customizations may not be consistent with our structure of an aspirational goal supported by clear, measurable and attainable plans. Second, when users submit their ideas, we can incorporate the idea into the app to the benefit of all users. To submit your idea, visit the Settings tab of the app or email
Core Values are common among everyone, but we prioritize them differently. We ask you about them so we can prioritize your goals. Goals are long term aspirations you want to pursue but might never get “checked off”. Goals are supported by small repeatable plans called Habits, and larger one-time plans, Achievements.
A deadline might be great for a homework assignment, but it's counterproductive for larger aspirations. For example, two years from now, most people would be very happy to be eating healthier, regardless of whether it took them eight months instead of four to instill those habits.
BetterSelf supports long term growth by providing consistent reviews of the goals you select, breaking the goals down into more manageable pieces, and supporting you with information when you get stuck.
We think Fitbit trackers are awesome. In fact, we’ll even suggest that you use it to help monitor progress. BetterSelf is focus on your entire life and specific activity trackers are great supplemental tools.