Genie Script Review – A Powerful Motivational Program

Genie Script is a new 30-day program designed by Wesley Virgin. Wesley designed it in a manner that enables you to manifest better emotional, mental, and financial status.

Several things might make you unhappy, especially emotional, mental, or financial status. Finding a way to navigate around these issues can be incredibly difficult. Your financial, mental, and emotional health might prompt you to find ways to destress or make essential changes to your financial issues. Fortunately, one of the ways you can navigate is through meditations that revive your outlook on every little thing and make you happy.

Nevertheless, it is found that some meditation programs still fail to give you any results or even inconsistent results. If so, you should consider investing in this program. This review will share with you an honest opinion, all you need to know, and the right reason for investing your time in this one unique meditation program and technique. Besides, this article will help in answering the questions that you have about the program.

What Is The Genie Script?

Meditation allows you to expand your awareness and open your eyes to what the world has in store for you. Other than that, meditation allows you to review your life by reflecting on where you are against where you want to be. It also enables you to put your mind to focus on a goal, hence increasing the chance of achieving it. Genie Script is quite a cheesy name for a product designed for such meditation. It is a new 30-day program designed by Wesley Virgin. Wesley designed it in a manner that enables you to manifest better emotional, mental, and financial status.

This 30-day program is in the format of eBooks, videos, and audios. The Genie script is Wesley’s work that was created to work magically, just like a genie. When you use the online program, you will have a positive mindset and, as a result, achieve your desires. Therefore, Wesley gave the program the name GenieScript as he was trying to paint the idea that after its use, you will receive your manifestations, just like a Genie who can make a wish come true.

Wesley Virgin, a self-made millionaire who acknowledges mind, hacks to his achievement. He also acclaims that manifest hacks allow him to turn entrepreneurial ideas into reality. Wesley Virgin is also the creator of Virgin Media, based in Houston, Texas. According to one news post, he could generate an astounding $30 million through mind hacks in a single year through his online promotion. He is continuously involved in assisting aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs in changing their potentially confined mindsets and time.

About Wesley's New 30 Day Meditation Program

For most consumers, the genie script has been found to be a successful manifestation program that presents them with the opportunity to get desired results.

  • 4 x 10-Minute Meditation Every Week – Wesley’s program consists of 10-minute sessions where he teaches one how to master their unique meditation techniques. During every week of the program, there are four 10 minute sessions.
  • Video Training On The 5 Meditative States – If you want to have a fruitful meditation, you should first understand the process. There are five brain wave states: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. In the video training sessions, Wesley goes in-depth into each state’s benefits and when to put yourself into each state to see the greatest results.
  • Access To Wesley’s Private Facebook Community – In this meditation program, Wesley included a private FB community. This private community enables you to know, post, share photos or a video and connect with people with similar objectives and vision like yours. Through the Facebook group, you can also get inspired when other people post their results, and as a result, stay focused for the entire 30 days.
  • The EBooks – Reading is equally a meditative activity. While reading novels, you can get deeply engrossed in the story till you forget the world around you as time passes. That is a clear sign of an absolute focus on a single activity. When reading a great book or particularly an exciting article with new stuff, we focus on ourselves in the present moment. Reading this meditative program’s information and course works is similar. Besides, reading them will keep you focused and share the right opinion, technique, reason, or insight, particularly on manifesting a better emotional, mental, and financial status.


There are additional bonuses to the package. A review in a certain article suggested researching links to get discounts off the program and bonus packages.

  • Bonus #1: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track – The first bonus is made as a simple binaural beat track designed to engage your brains in a unique, highly-powerful state of manifestation simply by listening to it.

  • Bonus #2: Kundalini Touch Exercise – Kundalini Touch Exercise consists of an exercise that involves sound, mantra, and energy healing to arouse beliefs of profusion to manifest physical desires more rapidly.

  • Bonus #3: Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises – Your third eye is perhaps your most powerful source of knowledge. It is commonly referred to as the Chakra. However, many of us have it closed; hence, it lies dormant. If you want to open your eye in a sure-fire way, you can engage in meditation. Developing your third eye helps you connect yourself and your spirit and strengthen your psychic and manifestation abilities. When you develop your third eye, you will easily handle the day’s stress while simultaneously achieving higher states of consciousness, greater self-awareness, and more profound emotional mastery. These third eye activation exercises open and activate your third eye to its’ most total capacity. As a result, you will access your inner-infinite-wisdom

  • Bonus #4: Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios – The fourth bonus involves a process that allows your brains to concentrate while listening to meditation audios unconsciously. Besides, it allows you to manifest your desires while you walk during your day-to-day routine. Walking meditation allows you to be aware as you walk, have a wakeful presence, and use the movement of walking to foster mindfulness. Another thing about walking is that it helps you to keep away from the current moment and is a way to connect with nature and our surroundings. Even though you are walking, ensure you do a body check by noticing how the body feels and your posture. You might also maintain a steady, comfortable rhythm while walking naturally and breathing normally.

The Genie Script Course

The 30-day online meditation program consists of nine modules:

  1. Introduction; How to Use Genie Script

  2. The Inception Point of Success

  3. Rules of the Mind

  4. Mind Conditioning for Abundance

  5. Rewrite Your Subconscious Mind Now

  6. You Must Feel You Already Have It

  7. Sensory Emotional Acceleration

  8. Brain Waves

  9. The Meditation Script

It also involves a session where you can contact Wesley, and he will answer your questions and assist you to understand the technique and things better.

When To Use The Genie Script Meditation Program

Experts recommend that you can meditate two times a day. When you wake up, you are in Alpha state. Alpha state refers to when your mind is clear and not thinking about your past or the future. When you go to sleep, you are in an alpha state. Using the Alpha state, you are more creative and suggestible. Therefore, all you require to do is sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing and start the meditation program.

How Long It Takes To See Results

It is not surprising that you will immediately get what you want from just listening to the meditation audios. At the same time, a Genie Script review stated that you would have to listen to the audios for even over a month to get results. The probability of you succeeding while listening to the audios or merely reading the eBooks also depends on your willingness to take action.

Benefits Of The Genie Script Program

Some many Features and Skills Can Be Learned from The Genie Script Wesley Virgin. To begin with, the program enables you to get mental clarity in a step-by-step blueprint. This is an important skill to learn for yourself and your loved ones to overcome any challenge. The new program helps you to eliminate the main contributors of a negative and dangerous mindset that dishearten you and stop you from achieving the life that you genuinely want.

Another benefit of the program is that it helps you in going for productive and lucrative opportunities everywhere you look around you. This is because you will start feeding your mind with the materials for success. Through the program, you are going to learn Wesley’s first mental conditioning secrets, which he incorporated to generate his first $1 million in revenue. Aside from that, the meditation product allows you to reason effectively and suitably employ meditations to revive your outlook on life and be happy. Through the supernatural third eye activation, yourself and your spirit will be intact. Besides, it allows you to intensify your manifestation and psychic capabilities and know yourself better. The binaural beat track bonus enables you to engage your mind in its highly potent state.

Final Thoughts

Before, combating various issues in our lives, we should clear our heads to stay focused and keep your head high. However, it might be challenging to do so. Meditation will enable you to navigate through troublesome times and keep yourself still and in check. Using this meditation program, you can reprogram your mind and mastering the unique meditative frequency to better change your life.

You do not need to know or have undergone a first meditation process before using the meditative program. Genie script is Wesley’s new success meditation program where he shows and efficiently links you with better financial, emotional, and mental status. You will most definitely like the results while you manifest with the program. 

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