How To Become A Chick Magnet

It’s more than certain that most men have spent quite some time in their life trying to think of or find a way to attract women to them. There is a branch of study out there dedicated to discovering the type of men that most women opt for and trying to teach you everything about women. If after your endeavors, you have learned anything about women’s behavior then you can call yourself a psychologist right now.

All these studies have been conducted by people who take into account psychology and how it affects seduction but ignore some factors, such as money, that may attract women to men. But the fundamental problem is that despite lengthy research, the results are still running away in your hands. What do finally women find attractive?

Well, women like men who stand by themselves. Men who have an independent and solid demeanor. Women want men!

After extended research conducted by Britain and Japanese psychologists, it was found that the points that impact seduction are not just how a man looks or smells. Particularly it reported that women who want to establish a long term relationship, which by the way, deep down, is what most of them are looking for, won’t choose good-looking men because they are considered to be unreliable, more likely to be unfaithful, and only good for short-term relationships.

Until recently, it was assumed that during the fertile period of ovulation, women don’t have pronounced “oestrus”. However, recent research shows that given a free choice they opt for more masculine, well fit, macho type men (who are likely to make strong, healthy babies)during the period of ovulation.

In general, women rate faces that are slightly above average in terms of their masculinity as more attractive. During their fertile days — characterized by high estrogen and low progesterone levels — they prefer even more masculinized facesA high willingness to reproduce in women during this period is manifested in an increased preference for men with pronounced masculine characteristics.

Respectively, the rest of the days, they prefer the less masculine type of men who might be thought to make better long-term relationships.

So, if you’re not a masculine type of man, you have many chances of getting any woman, 75% of the time.

However, women appear more attractive to men during their fertile days. For example, lap dancers (a form of entertainment widespread in the USA in which the dancers sit on the men’s lap) have significantly higher tip income during their fertile days than outside or when they take the pill.

With this investigation, it could be shown, contrary to earlier views, that men can perceive the fertile days of women very well, which is also in the sense of procreation. Women look more attractive in photos during the fertile phase. During this time, in response to erotic images, they even show increased activity of the zygomaticus muscle, which is one of the laughing muscles.

So you need to be aware of the women looking at you a lot and choose from them right away instead of those who attract you the most at a subconscious level otherwise you’ll end up picking out women who are ovulating and are not going to pick you.

By always picking girls who are attracted to you, your “score” can be hugely boosted. You just have to believe that in every place there will be some women who are attracted to you — no matter what you look like. Keep your confidence at a high level and believe it because after all, it is just a matter of time to find this type of woman.

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If you want to attract and make women fall for you you have to bear in mind that women find it attractive when men embody independence and strength, when they live their male identity. This can be expressed, for example, in individual positions and opinions. However, the type of personality is much more important than the opinion itself. Anyone who insists on their position no matter what as well as the one who gives in at a sign of disagreement finally loses.

Being happy, content with who you are and where you are right now, friendly to both men and women, and not reacting with anger or sulks to setbacks but accepting life as it comes, you’ll attract more women and make them fall for you more often than you might believe.

Think for a moment all these guys who are always happy, laid back, and optimistic. Can you imagine them having trouble getting girls? I bet they don’t. Believe it or not, when you are out with a woman or just having fun in a nightclub, showing your temper is the worst thing you can do because this way you’ll ruin the “top guy” image you’ve struggled to create.

That’s why it’s critical not to drink too much when you are out trying to pick up girls. Don’t mix up your picking up nights with those when you and the guys go out and drink a lot or you’re watching the game of your favorite team.

Then it can often happen that a woman presents you with a more or less clear invitation to flirt and seduce. This is sometimes a bit more difficult to recognize, but with the right training, you will notice these situations more and more often. And the more you notice these situations, the more suitable women you will be able to involve in a nice flirtation.

It’s not so hard to attract and seduce women as long as you know what you are doing. If you keep telling your unconscious mind that you are the type of guy that women want like hell, you’ll find out that you’ll be filled with confidence and sex appeal. Then you’ll subconsciously believe that you are a chick magnet and there is nothing on earth that can stop women from getting attracted to you.

Psychologists claim that our mind plays a significant role in the process of seduction. Start by telling yourself, at least three times a day, that you have the power and confidence to get any woman you desire. Get convinced that you have a massive sex appeal and your confidence is at the highest level.

Don’t feel stupid doing this and most of all don’t skip this step. These types of affirmations work.

As soon as you believe that you already are a chick magnet women will believe it too and they won’t be capable of taking their hands off you. It’s so simple.

You probably don’t know that what we believe about ourselves is formed by a particular unconscious region in our brain according to our thoughts. These beliefs do not depend on what happens to us. Instead, they depend on the way we think about what happens to us, the way we react to and deal with the events happening in our lives.

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