How To Win In The Game Of Attraction

It’s frustrating that hot women barely care about you while other guys clean up a lot. Therefore, you consider whether and how you can become more attractive as a man to have the same success in flirting and dating and to find a relationship.

It’s not a secret that everyone wants to be attractive when it comes to dating. We all have the hope that the spark will ultimately jump over and that more will come of the meeting.

Keep in mind that every girl is different. After all, if they were all alike, you wouldn’t want to attract just this one girl in particular, right? Well, just as each girl differs, there are also different ways of getting a girl to like you. But, regardless of what type of girl you want to impress and attract, there are some basic guidelines you can follow which can help your date realize that you’re a pretty good catch.

If you apply all the following tips correctly, you can end up with the sexy overall package that will make the girls melt like butter on a hot slice of toast.

By that, I mean appearance AND an attractive character play a major role because both are extremely important when getting to know women; so they should never be neglected.

First things first

Maybe you have already experienced a situation like this:

You’re at a party with friends. Suddenly you see this stunningly beautiful woman with a sweet smile and sexy charisma. You think feverishly and with a pounding heart how you can get closer to her …

… but the lady doesn’t look at you. At most, she says “hello” fleetingly, but otherwise, she hardly looks at you.

You think: “ I just don’t play in their league, I can’t keep up. I have to become more attractive to women like that first! 

But then it gets worse

Suddenly this other man stands in front of her, who you immediately dislike. He whispers something in her ear, makes her laugh, and starts to touch her. She obviously likes it. At the end of the song, this guy is kissing her and takes her home later that night.

You are humiliated, jealous, and confused. The next morning, when you wake up alone in your bed, you are still brooding over these questions:

  • “ How the hell did this guy manage to seduce that woman? What did she find so interesting about him? He was quite a normal guy, and somehow an idiot too … “
  • “ If there was anything about him so attractive, how can I be just as attractive as him to women? 

The brooding is over now. I’ll tell you what women really like and how you can also become more attractive to cast a spell over the hot girls!

Undoubtfully many myths are circulating in men’s magazines, books, and blogs on the Internet about what sexual attraction means. It is often said that looks are not that important.

The smart advisors want to tell you that you can look attractive just with your character. BLA BLA… Sorry, but they usually only tell you that to give you courage. Because all of these are useless if you look like Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings”.

In truth, it depends on the overall package if you want to be attractive. By that I mean having a beautiful look AND a strong character at the same time. Only then you are as unbeatable as James Bond.

Now you might say: “ But, I can’t change the way I look! 

Yes, you can!

And it’s actually pretty easy, WITHOUT having to go under the knife at the uncle doctor.

With the first few tips in this article, I’ll show you how beauty works for us men and which factors play a role in it.

1. Keep your body attractive

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

No, you don’t have to become an absolute muscleman who brings home a slew of winning trophies at the bodybuilding championships. It is also the case that women are only partially into muscles and six-packs.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a reasonably attractive and slim figure; if only for your health.

A mixture of regular endurance sports (for example jogging, swimming or cycling) and strength training is ideal. Get advice from a trainer in advance so that you are marching in the right direction!

For more attractiveness, you should also pay attention to a healthy diet. I don’t mean senseless radical diets that make you unhappy and only lead to the yo-yo effect …

… but a permanent change in your menu, which will then help you to have a balanced diet in the future.

Find out the right information, of course, from trustworthy sources! You can find many tips and apps on the Internet that will help you achieve your goals.

2. Looking good gives you credits

Before you even go out, you have to make sure that you can be confident about the way you look in case you meet an attractive woman at your destination. If you have to make a decision between being ten minutes late for a date ‘coz you had to take a shower and arriving there on time in your work clothes, by all means, be late.

Any woman will appreciate the fact that you took the time to look handsome. When spending time with a woman, your clothes should be clean and well-pressed and you should make sure that you do not give off any unpleasant body odor. It would also help if you spent time at the gym regularly.

3. Your hairstyle matters

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Your hair isn’t there just to keep your head from freezing in winter. It should make you more attractive to women and you can achieve that with the right hairstyle.

By “suitable hairstyle” I mean a haircut that hides your unsightly areas and balances the shape of your head.

What is attractive, for example:

  • If you have thinning hair and light areas, you should cut a short hairstyle or even have a bald head shaved (possibly wear fashionable hats).
  • Men with long faces and high foreheads are best to wear bangs.
  • And with a broad/round face, you should wear the side hair rather short and the top hair a little longer (undercut).

Otherwise, let the hairdresser you trust advise you… and then snap your hair off!

4. Find the perfect beard

I know a lot of guys who walk around with a clean-shaven milk-boy face and look like their 16-year-old little brother. Or like a much too-good son-in-law type, a mixture of Robin Williams.

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