Our Mission

We make it easier for people to reach their goals.

People have good intentions, so there is no reason to harass them with deadlines, constant check-ins or criticism. We provide an easy way for people to get started, and then we provide the information and inspiration they need to consistently make progress.

How BetterSelf is different:

No deadlines.

Is there really a deadline to meeting your long-term goals such as eating healthy? Five years from now, will you be equally proud that it took you 12 months instead of 6 months to eat healthy? We think so. Slow and steady wins the race.

Easy setup.

No one likes to start from scratch, especially for daunting questions such as “What are your core values?” We help you get started with options that you choose.

Infrequent check-ins.

You already know how many times you went to the gym this week – why should you have to check in each time? BetterSelf is focused on a weekly check-in.

No judgement.

Who wants to be harassed that they are behind schedule? If you haven’t had a chance to cook breakfast this week like you planned, would you prefer to be reprimanded, or provided with a list of easy breakfast recipes? If you prefer the latter, you’ll like BetterSelf.

Focus on the small stuff.

Saving more money for retirement sounds great, but where do you to start? BetterSelf adds small, manageable plans to your goals so that you can focus on the day-to-day progress.

Your Priorities.

It's impossible to tackle all your goals at once, so we try to understand which values are most important to you.

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Spring 2019




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Our Story

BetterSelf was started in 2017 after the founder was unable to convince his wife to start writing down her goals, even though she saw the difference that goal setting had made in his life. Through research, we realized that the other “goal trackers” available weren’t attractive to the average person, even though the user understood the value of setting goals. We created BetterSelf to overcome the typical hurdles and annoyances of goal setting. At this point, the company has been bootstrapped completely by the founder. We launched on May 24, 2019 and are currently focused on adding users.

The company is based in Georgia, USA, with development and design work produced by Marvelloux Apps Pvt Ltd.