Promiscuity — Sex Addiction or Self-Determined Way of Loving?

Promiscuity — What on earth does it mean?

There is no clear definition of promiscuity because the term is interpreted differently depending on how it is understood. Sexual satisfaction and the understanding of a sexual relationship do not follow rigid laws and are perceived differently by everyone.

If you still want to describe promiscuity more precisely, it is best to start by opposing it with the opposite concept, namely monogamy. While a monogamous person stays with a single partner for a longer period of time, partners are changed more frequently in the case of promiscuity. Saying that

Frequently changing sexual contacts and short affairs are often assigned to a promiscuous way of life

Promiscuity from a biological point of view

You will hardly believe it, but promiscuous behavior is completely biologically normal for humans and anchored in each of us.

An increased number of sexual contacts increases the likelihood of fathering offspring and thus contributes to our natural urge to survive and reproduce. The fact that most people still do not live prominently is due to social norms.

So, promiscuity means that I’m sex addicted?

From a medical point of view, “hypersexuality” or sex addiction does not differ from gambling addiction or shopping addiction. There are non-substance addictions.

The feelings and behavior patterns of sex addicts are in principle similar to those of alcoholics or drug addicts.

As a result, people experience feelings of shame, symptoms such as loss of control, or withdrawal symptoms. Marriages, families, and, last but not least, the people affected often break as a result.

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