The 5 Most Brutal Truths About Life We ​​Should All Know Before Becoming Adults

As parents, we often want to shield our children from the harsh realities of life. But if you don’t learn these brutal truths, you probably won’t succeed.

Success is a result of the kind of person you become; if you want to achieve truly extraordinary goals, you need to understand how the world really works. You must see things clearly for what they really are.

Achieving success in life requires a high level of self-confidence. In the article below you can find some useful tips you can implement to help you bring success into your life:

I have had to learn a lot of these truths the hard way. Since I did not understand these truths, I have lost friendships, got fired, gone broke, and succumbed to addictive and destructive behaviors. Quite frankly, it was a mess.

It has taken me a long time to learn these lessons, but they have made me more resilient, self-assured, and successful than I have ever been.

#1 — Selfishness is the evil of the world

Absolute love for ourselves. It’s all about the power, the conquer. Our world is full of strong, selfish beasts.

Every day 8,000 children die of hunger and poor nutrition before they turn 5. At the same time, 2 billion tons of food are wasted around the world. In Europe alone, 42% of what we buy ends up in the garbage because it has gone bad or has expired; something is not right.

3 million children die of hunger every year and at the same time, about 150 million dollars are spent on a mission in space. With over $14 billion in total expenses, the 2020 US election was the most expensive in history, nearly twice as expensive as the previous presidential election cycle. Necessary things, some of you may have thought… Necessary things like eating in order not to die?

This is just one of the many facets of sick selfishness that we are all a part of.

#2 — Heaven, hell, and purgatory exist

Do you have doubts? We have them under our eyes. On a daily basis.

Every day we experience moments in which we are captivated by our senses. Love for life. Happiness. The music. Passion. The projects. Orgasm. The colors of a sunset. The birth of a new life… A miracle! My daughter’s gaze, her smile … Isn’t it heaven?

At the same time, some parents outlive their children and are catapulted into a place where serenity becomes a utopia.

There are more than 6000 rare diseases. They are generally of genetic origin and become faithful companions for life. Some can be fought and with some compromises, they allow you a “normal” life. Others force you to live in an unacceptable condition. Unimaginable.

For example, what is being deaf, blind, and dumb? A twist of fate? Or maybe a divine punishment? Over 15 million people worldwide are deafblind. Ten US armies of invisible people who live in darkness and silence thanks also to the superficiality with which society deals with certain problems.

Given that there are people with disabilities who have willpower and love for SUPERNATURAL life, people capable of marveling and appreciating the simpler things in life, from which we could learn to give the right importance to things, then, there are all the others. Those who do not accept their condition. Those who seek a different path and find no way out, are trapped in their “non-life”. Are they serving a sentence? What faults do they have? Are they being tested?

In 2002, in Paris, due to the umbilical cord around the neck, a newborn went into cardiac arrest. He was intubated and saved. He was born blind, deaf, dumb, and paralyzed. What is this? A transit to heaven? For him or his parents?

Have you heard about the children of the sewers of Bucharest? It’s -10 degrees outside. By descending from the manholes and sharing with the rats the space allowed by the tunnels in which the heating pipes pass under the city, they can afford not to die of cold.

The kids live in a sort of underground city among excrement, urine, food remains, and rat carrions. They are embraced by the dark. Black and fetid. They sniff glue. Many are suffering from AIDS. They are waiting to be abused by some mentally ill person who has chosen Romania as a destination for sex tourism. Pedophiles come from all over the world. From Europe, from America, from Canada. By prostituting, no one’s children can afford a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk. Then they go back downstairs. Their purgatory is a few meters below the surface.

Do you believe that war and hell can be that different? Take this as an example. Men, women, and children fall to the ground and begin to squirmThey can’t breathe. Redness and burning in the eyes. They cried out in pain. Asphyxia. The air they breathe is saturated with harmful gases.

Meanwhile, a father digs through the rubble before the chemtrail reaches him. He has bloody nails; his hands are the only means he has to try to get his son out. He has already lost his wife and his house has collapsed. Right there, in the midst of the rubble that buried the sacrifices of life, clouding even the memories with dust, there is his son still alive who cries out for help. Do you believe that hell can be worse?

#3 — Love is not real without the presence of a disease

When you fall in love you enter an irrational state of mind. You do it almost unconsciously. You do things you never would have done. You are better. If love is reciprocated you become selfless. Submissive. It all slips on you. You are at peace with the world. While it lasts you believe it is forever.

Then the story begins to be part of normality. You get used to it. The love you fought for and won becomes DISCOUNTED… boring. The more time passes, the more the person with whom you have shared dreams and developed expectations resembles a relative.

You start sharing everything that you initially kept hidden

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