The Science Of Flirting — What Every Woman Wants You To Know About Flirting

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Flirting is an art form, there is no doubt about that. In fact, a lot of scientific research has been done that explains how you can flirt like a master. Just send clear signals to the woman you are crushing on and get in touch with her quickly.

Listed below are the six most effective flirting tricks backed by science and the number one mistake most likely to turn her away.

1. Having a good sense of humor

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A good sense of humor is consistently rated as one of the most important qualities a partner should possess by women.

And here is the reason. Men who laugh make women feel comfortable, so they like to spend time with a man who makes them feel comfortable. Furthermore, humor indicates intelligence. Making spontaneous jokes is also a trait women look for before they enter a serious relationship.

They see it as a sign of quick thinking and flexibility. Furthermore, it allows you to show off your quirky personality and sense of humor. Most importantly, humor weeds out incompatible matches.

It is better to not waste your time chasing girls you don’t click with because eventually, you will find one who is on the same page as you and would find you irresistible.

2. Pay attention to the body language

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To get her to like you and become intrigued by your personality, you need to draw her in with your body language. However, most guys don’t use this to help with their flirting. The result is that they don’t just miss out on the right moves, but they also overlook the signs that girls are flirting with them.

Now let’s analyze it. When it comes to open body language, shoulders, arms, and feet are crucial.

When flirting you should face her with your shoulders, keep your arms uncrossed, and point your feet in her direction.

It doesn’t make sense to be stiff as a board all day long; you have to move or else you will just look ridiculous.

As you get closer to her, open up your body language to signal that you want her to be close to you while also checking out her body language.

3. Don’t touch until…

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Let’s be honest, I understand many of you are hesitant to touch women. Maybe you’re afraid of crossing the line and she will send one of her hills your way. Or maybe she’ll reach for the pepper spray. Some of you may have read or heard about how a guy was arrested for assault for shaking a girl’s hand.

I don’t think any of these stories are real unless these guys are seriously misinformed about how handshakes work. Furthermore, flirting requires physical contact. The key to getting her is to do it the right way. Here’s how you can touch a girl so that it shows interest without coming across creepy.

Let’s begin by talking about which parts of the body you touch. A girl’s arm is the first place you should focus on touching when you want to break through the first barrier. As close as you can get to her hand, the more intimate it is. You can therefore touch her shoulder without causing too much discomfort.

There’s nothing more outrageous and flirtatious than the touch of the hand

Now you will only receive partial credit for knowing where to touch a girl. The trick to getting full points is also knowing when and how to touch her. And to make it even easier, here are three rules I live by: don’t breach, don’t reach, and don’t grab.

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