What To Do If She Doesn’t Want A Boyfriend Right Now

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Although she doesn’t want a relationship, she’s still sending you signals that confuse you. You flirt, meet, and get closer and closer. But although you already have feelings in play, everything remains on a non-binding level.

There can be many reasons why women don’t want to be in a relationship. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand them because they often send contradictory signals. So while it’s sometimes worth fighting for her attention, in other cases it is often futile to continue to strive for it. But what behaviors can you recognize for what women really want?

Her signs are not so clear

It’s a phenomenon that’s not uncommon and that almost drives you crazy. Women let you know that they don’t want a relationship, but still send you completely different signs. If they don’t know what they want, it may look like this:

  • She calls or sends you SMS— Although she says she is happily single, she is always trying to get in touch with you. And not just when she wants something from you, but also just to ask how you’re doing or what you’re up to.
  • She wants constantly to be with you — She clearly wants to be close to you and likes to spend time with you. Even if she makes it very clear to you that she doesn’t want to commit to you, she sticks to agreements, makes plans with you, and sometimes takes the initiative.
  • She is physically devoted to you — It will be most difficult for you if she doesn’t want to enter into a committed relationship with you, but she’s physically devoted to you at the same time. Kisses and other caresses repeatedly awaken new hopes, which makes it difficult to accept and understand her’s decision.

Stay calm! You can handle that!

If she exhibits the above behaviors, her disapproval of a committed relationship with you is not final. Since she doesn’t want to commit herself officially, but still can’t afford to let you go, maybe it means that she isn’t ready yet. Nevertheless, hopes are justified. Due to the constant contact or the physical closeness, she doesn’t seem to be uninterested in you.

Time is very important here. The longer you both stay in contact and experience beautiful moments together, the more likely it is that she will develop feelings. However, it’s also up to you to decide how long you can endure the unclear relationship status between the two of you.

She doesn’t want a relationship yet! Ok, you can handle that, too

To have a realistic chance of winning over a woman even though she doesn’t want a relationship, you must first find out why she doesn’t want to commit. Do not only pay attention to her words but also correctly interpret her body language, because this is often more revealing and honest than what she says and shows to you. These tips can also help:

  • Give her as much privacy and space as possible. Don’t pressure her. This allows her to find out for herself what she actually wants.
  • Don’t give her an ultimatum. You can’t force love and feelings. Better pull back a bit so she can see what she has in you. It’s very critical to remember that if you show yourself to be independent and deal with the situation confidently, you increase your attractiveness enormously. Women often want a man who wants them but doesn’t need them.
  • At the same time, however, take care of yourself. As soon as you start to suffer from the unclear situation or feel exploited, you should seek a conversation with her and possibly withdraw.

She really doesn’t want a relationship

Sometimes, however, all efforts are futile. Many behaviors can indicate that a woman actually prefers to be permanently single and doesn’t want anything permanent. Perhaps love has a negative connotation for them due to bad experiences and primarily symbolizes narrowness, pressure, dependency, and obligations.

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